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Now in its thirty-first year (1979-2010), the Ogle/Ogles Family Association has published or made available the following:
  • Thirty Two (32) informative volumes of The Ogle Genealogist, an in-depth, fact-filled, annual publication averaging 150 pages ofSampleBook.bmp (57718 bytes) family news, historical features and charts of members' Ogle ancestries; (Vol. 9 - 1988 contains a composite name index of more than 7,500 names in The Ogle Genealogist, Vols. I - 8.) Volume 9 is an invaluable research tool.

  • The past issues of The Ogle Genealogist also contain individual Ogle ancestry charts for over 580 members and non-members of the Association. Whenever possible the individual charts carry the genealogy lines from John Ogle, the immigrant to Delaware in 1664. However, there are a few charts deriving from other Ogle immigrants.

  • Thirty-five issues of Ogling For Ogles, a periodic newsletter containing convention and meeting details, information about new members, reunion notices, features, queries, etc.

  • Reprints of Ogle and Bothal, by Sir Henry A. Ogle, originally published in 1902. This historical book has 21 pedigree charts, starting with the first recorded Ogle, born ca. 1055 in England. The book contains 426 pages plus an index. A history of the Baronies of Ogle, Bothal, and Hepple, and the families of Ogle and Bertram are featured. This monumental work covers the Ogle Family in England and includes lines found in Scotland and Ireland. It does not attempt to chronicle Ogle lines that migrated to the Americas.

  • The OGLE - A Northumberland Village, a special millennium recognition of the history and chronology - including numerous photographs, maps charts and other information - of the Village of Ogle, the recorded origins of which date back to the 12th century Northumberland. Medieval Ogle village in northern England, built in support of and including historic Ogle Castle, currently consists of some forty dwelling houses and portions of the adjacent farmland. Ogle Castle and Ogle village have a special place in the heart of Ogle descendants everywhere.

Many of the above publications (including reprints of Ogle and Bothal) are available for purchase by non-members. Non-members wishing to order multiple publications should consider joining the association to benefit from lower member prices, as well as the numerous other benefits of membership. Click here for a complete list of the Ogle Genealogist Publications and pricing.



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